Open Activity Chair Positions 2019/20

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Fundraising (2 Chairs Needed)

Organize fundraiser for the PTC, with planning commencing in the summer for fall kick-off. Tally orders, choose prizes, and set dates to deliver prizes. 

50% virtual, 50% in person
Commitment: 30-40 hours total from planning to close of fundraiser

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Restaurant Nights (1 Chair Needed)

Coordinate fundraising nights at local restaurants throughout the year.

100% virtual
Commitment: Ongoing, 1 hour per month

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Health Screenings (1 Chair NEEDED)

Coordinate parent volunteers to assist the school nurse with gathering students and handing out forms for vision, hearing and dental screenings offered through the school. 3 screening days per school year. 

80% virtual, 20% in person
Commitment: Virtual coordination + 3 school days in October/November 2019

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Collect donations and coordinate volunteers to help set up breakfast and decorate. (No cooking required.) Preference to 8th grade parents.

80% virtual, 20% in person
Commitment: April/May 2020, 2-3 hours total



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